Sonnenbatterie GmbH has extensive experience in battery storage technologies and renewable energies.

As a medium-sized enterprise specializing in storage systems, Sonnenbatterie GmbH is committed to the highest quality, "Made in Germany".

The Sonnenbatterie is exclusively manufactured at the company's headquarters in Allgäu, where it is also subjected to thorough quality control. With this background, the Sonnenbatterie has also been TÜV certified since 2011.

Sonnenbatterie GmbH consistently invests in research and development that also predominantly takes place at the company's Bavarian headquarters. The detailed data of several hundred systems, which have been evaluated using anonymous online monitoring since 2011, form the solid and realistic basis for the customised development of the Sonnenbatterie, whose technology has been constantly updated since 2008.

In 2010 the practical feasibility of the first Sonnenbatterie were tested in several single-family homes under real world conditions. Once the fine-tuning based on these findings had been completed, the Sonnenbatterie was introduced to the German and Austrian markets in January 2011 as one of the first proven and transportable intelligent lithium storage systems. Sonnenbatterie GmbH is a pioneer in what is now a rapidly growing storage market.

Sonnenbatterie GmbH now has over 100 qualified employees and the company has enjoyed strong growth since its establishment in 2010.

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